Top 7 Creative Ways to Stop Cat Spraying

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In this article we shall be explaining one of the turn-offs of a cat, which is mainly spraying.
Before we go further, know that we are not condemning cats. Cats are great pets that anybody in the world would always want to have at home.
If you just got a new cat that just so happens to spray in your home, do not worry. We shall cover everything you need to know as far as cat spraying is concerned and what you can do to help yourself out of this situation.

Top 7 Ways to Stop Cat Spraying

The steps and processes that we will be discussing will help you as a cat owner to manage your cat’s spraying effectively, but most importantly to help stop it all together.

 7. Don’t Stay Far From Your Cat

Some cats use spraying as a means of communication. They use it to communicate with their owners that they need their attention. Notably, they may want you to play with them, brushing their fur, or even play with them with some of their favorite toys. If they spray it could be a sign that they want you around them. Make sure to always give your cat plenty of attention, play with them regularly, and bond with them daily.

6. Keep Your Cats From Competitors

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For your cats to get use to the method you have designed for them anytime they want to spray, you must be very consistent. Avoid putting what your cat eats outside of his or her litter box. This may attract others if you have outdoor cats and their presence can be very stressful for your cat which in turn makes things more stressful for yourself.

 5. Don’t Allow Your Cat To Have An Outdoor View

The moment your cat senses the presence of other cats is usually the time that he or she would want to spray to mark their territory. To avoid this act, pull your curtains closed. Make sure you move your furniture away from your windows as well. You can also cover the lower portion of your window just so that they will not have access to it.

4. Do a Regular Check-Up for Your Cat

Do not assume cats do not need to visit a veterinary doctor. They fall sick just as we humans do and that is why there are professional specialists that specialize in taking care of pets regularly. Most people can tell when their cat is not acting right and when something is wrong, this is the perfect time to take your cat to the veterinarian. An example is if your cat suddenly stops using its little box. It may be because your cat is dealing with an urinary tract infection. Some cats lick their genitals very often. Issues like this, (urinary tract infections), are common among female cats. UTIs can cause other internal problems in your cat if not taken in to the veterinarian.

3. Cat Spraying Program

You can never understand the full attitude of a cat simply because they are so moody. Whether you have one or you are planning to get one, it is a good idea to enroll your cat in a special spraying program. Cat behaviorist’s have studied and come up with tips and tricks that you can apply to help you enjoy your life with your cat. In order to know how to control your cat spraying, you should enroll your cat in a spraying program. You can find a lot of guides online that explain different kinds of systems that you can follow to manage your cat who sprays.

2. Neuter Your Cat

A lot of people have over time chosen to go with this system because it is the most effective. Neutered cats do not spray as much because they have lost most of their urge to spray. Cats, particularly males, attain their puberty stage at six months, and that is when spraying becomes normal to them. For this reason, most homeowners neuter and spay their cats around six months of age. This helped to settle any hormones that may be running through your ever growing cat. 90% of cat owners that took this advice now have no issues or very little issues with spraying cats.

1. Use a Commercial Spray

Do not be lazy visit a pet store and grab a bottle of anti-cat spray liquid like Feliway (Confort zone Feliway, Ceva Feliway..), or Nature’s Miracle. Cat owners use liquid sprays to repel their cats from spraying in their homes and potentially outside as well. The smell of these sprays is nothing too harsh or grotesque so your cat will not be affected by a dangerous odor that can harm them or make them have uncontrolled spraying sessions.


There are lots of ways to bring an end to your cat spraying. There is nothing terrible about using sprays to help with your situation. It is a solution just as the compelling points we have explained above.

Nevertheless, make sure the solution you will be applying to your spraying cat is not harmful to them. What you need to understand is the behavior of your specific cat. The method that you do choose to leave with is what will determine what you will apply as a solution to the unnecessary spraying that your cat is doing.
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