Top 7 Creative Ways to Stop Cat Spraying

In this article we shall be explaining one of the turn-offs of a cat, which is mainly spraying.
Before we go further, know that we are not condemning cats. Cats are great pets that anybody in the world would always want to have at home.
If you just got a new cat that just so happens to spray in your home, do not worry. We shall cover everything you need to know as far as cat spraying is concerned and what you can do to help yourself out of this situation.

Top 7 Ways to Stop Cat Spraying

The steps and processes that we will be discussing will help you as a cat owner to manage your cat’s spraying effectively, but most importantly to help stop it all together.

 7. Don’t Stay Far From Your Cat

Some cats use spraying as a means of communication. They use it to communicate with their owners that they need their attention. Notably, they may want you to play with them, brushing their fur, or even play with them with some of their favorite toys. If they spray it could be a sign that they want you around them. Make sure to always give your cat plenty of attention, play with them regularly, and bond with them daily.

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