[08] Best Black Friday Pet Deals for Cat Lovers

Written by Sena

The holiday season has finally begun, which means that you can find most people scrambling around to find the perfect gifts for their friends and family members. When it comes to our family, we all know that not all of our members are human. During this time of the year, a lot of people also use this as an excuse to spoil their kitty cat. The only issue with this is trying to figure out exactly what to get your cat. Luckily enough we have researched to find the best deals for you and toys for your cat during Black Friday. Today we will be discussing eight different cat toys that are being sold at your local pet store during Black Friday.
1. Merry&Bright Holiday Gingerbread Teaser Cat Toy (3 pack)


The very first toy that we will be talking about is the Merry & Bright Holiday Gingerbread Teaser Cat Toy (3 pack). This toy may seem very simple, but that is what makes this a great choice for your cat. This particular toy comes with a long plastic pole with a string on one end. You have the option of three different attachments to choose from that are all Christmas themed! You simply connect the attachment to the pole’s string and have fun with your cat. You can easily find this toy during Black Friday at Petsmart for only $6.99 (originally $9.99).

2. Merry&Bright Holiday Laser Pointer


The second black Friday deal on our kitty cat toy list is the ever incredible laser pointer. Merry & Bright also has been kind enough to come out with an adorable snow themed laser pointer. This pointer has a keychain ring and comes with four batteries. Most cat owners and lovers have one in their home and know how much cats love it. The laser pointer can provide hours of endless fun with your favorite feline giving them proper exercise and the chance to bond with you. This toy could also be found at Petsmart and only costs $4.89 (originally $6.99).

3. OurPets Catty Whack Electronic Cat Toy


Next up for cat toys you should consider this Black Friday is the OurPets Catty Whack Electronic Cat Toy. This toy is great for cats who are curious yet struggle with staying active. The Catty Whack comes equipped with a carpeted scratching area, one replacement feather wand, and a RealMouse sound to entice your cat even further. This toy is designed to encourage independent play time and to give the impression of hunting out in the wild. Your cat has natural instincts and toys like this help your feline express those instincts in a safe environment. The fast-moving feather wand will often and randomly change directions to keep cats on their toes. This toy does require four C batteries that are not included. You could pick yours up at Petsmart for a mere $19.99 (originally $39.99).

4. Whisker City Cozy Cat Tower


This next item that we will be talking about is not only a toy, but it could provide your cat with  place to sleep, climb, and scratch. The Whisker City Cozy Cat Tower  is a perfect idea for any cat. This tower in particular comes with a total of four levels, scratching posts, two napping areas, and a hanging feather toy for your cat to play with. These towers do require some assembly, but is rather simple. You could also purchase this carpet covered cat tree in many different colors. This product will be in stores only at Petsmart for $74.99 (originally $99.99).

5. Merry&Bright Holiday Stocking Cat Toys (24 pack)


Most people know that cats are not overly picky, but they also change their favorites often as well. A great toy option is the Merry & Bright Holiday Stocking Cat Toys (24 pack). Yes you read that correctly, you do indeed get a total of 24 different pieces. In this pack you get 11 different types of balls, five feather balls, four stuffed mice, a feather wand, a fabric pom-pom, and an adorable little snowman. These toys are perfect for cats who love a variety to help avoid boredom. This toy pack can be found at Petsmart in a cute clear stocking for $9.79 (originally $13.99).
6. Merry&Bright Holiday Reindeer Flattie Cat Toy Crinkle


Another Black Friday steal for your cat is the Merry & Bright Holiday Reindeer Flattie Cat Toy Crinkle. Toys that crinkle have been known to drive kitty cats wild. This cute little reindeer not only provides a desirable noise, but it also has feathers attached to the end of each limb. You could also rub this toy in catnip for an extra treat for your cat. This holiday reindeer is also very lightweight so your cat can easily carry it and play with it all around your home. Petsmart will be carrying this toy in particular during the sale and will cost $4.88 (originally $6.99).
7. Trixie Fantasy Board Cat Toy


The seventh kitty cat toy on our list is the Trixie Fantasy Board Cat Toy. If your cat struggles to actually participate in play time then this toy will most likely be perfect for you and your cat. The Fantasy Board is excellent for hiding treats all over in different spots. Your cat can smack at things to get the treats or simply try to fish them out of a tight spot. You could also use food instead of treats since we know how fattening treats can be for our kitty cat friends. Found at Petsmart, this toy is on sale for $22.98 (originally $23.29).
8. Catit Design Senses Super Roller Circuit Cat Toy


The final and eighth kitty cat toy that you should think about picking up this Friday is the Catit Design Senses Super Roller Circuit Cat Toy. I personally have one of these for my cats and all of them love it. This toy is a long tube connected into a circuit and contains a ball inside that your cats can smack at back and forth. To provide your cat with endless hours of fun, head over to Petsmart to grab one for $12.69 (originally $19.99).

During this holiday season it can be very stressful to find the right gift for your cat. The best part about a lot of these toys is that they are incredibly cheap and make great stocking stuffers. Your cat is one of your best friends on this planet it really deserves to receive gifts just like your friends and other family members do.

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