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What All Cats Love

today, we get  to talk about what all cats love.

The one thing that you can bank on is that every  time you say, well, cats will love this,

somebody in the cat peanut gallery is going to  be like, you know, I’m really disappointed in you, Jackson. I thought you would know better  by now, but cats really hate that. Or at least  my cats really hate that. Or if I say cats hate  something, like cats hate the smell of citrus and someone will be like, my cat will walk up  to the smell of citrus and just rub all over it.

Yes, cat lives, just like human lives  or any other sentient beings lives,  are all about individuality. Cats do love  certain things a lot. And I would venture  to say all cats love certain things.

Now, there are also certain things that you would  assume that all cats love that they might not.

all cats love hunting:

it’s not even about loving. It’s about needing  to. It is wired into their DNA. So as many times  as you guys have been like me, my cat doesn’t  like to play. Meaning Hunt. You know, if your cat were suddenly out there in nature, they would  figure out how to hunt and they would need to and it would give them their cat mojo.  If you don’t know what cat mojo is, mojo is that ultimate confidence, that confidence  that’s born of knowing that I own territory, that I’m safe in my territory, and that  I can secure food in that territory.

That is part of what really makes cats  whole. So when we talk about what they love,

they love to be in contact with that  raw cat. And hunting is definitely a part of it. So whether it comes if you call it  play, if you call it hunt, play equals prey.

Folks play equals prey. So cats love playing  / hunting.

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